Happy Valentines day

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A hundred hearts would be too few
To carry all my love for you.
Must, bid the Morn awake!
Sad Winter now declines,
Each bird doth choose a mate;
This day's Saint Valentine's.
- Michael Drayton
I love thee – I love thee,
'Tis all that I can say
It is my vision in the night,
My dreaming in the day.
- Thomas Hood
A Valentine's Day Poem of Love
Where do I begin when I want to tell you how I really feel?
I know that I do not have the words or the wisdom to express what you mean to me.
All I can do is hope and pray that these words
Will help you realize why I am so sure our love was destined to last through eternity.
Feelings of blissful, lasting joy race through my mind
Whenever my thoughts turn to you, my dearest darling, and the love that we share.
From the very first moment we met
There was an energy and electricity that seemed to surge through the air.
My innermost longings could be easily seen and
I could see these feelings being echoed in your own eyes and face.
And when my unspoken desire to be held was whispered by my heart
It was quickly answered with your first tender, romantic embrace.
I have dreamed of you for years my love
And I knew one day we would find each other no matter what obstacles might be standing in our way.
Now that we have miraculously discovered each other
The world is a canvas upon which we paint pictures of love and happiness grows each and every day.
Mere words seem far too inadequate
To describe the dizzying, wonderful emotions that sweep through my mind, my body and my soul.
Now my life is far richer and rewarding than I had ever imagined and
With you at my side I fear nothing because you will shelter and protect me from a world that can be unloving and cold.
If I could truly tell you what I feel in my heart
You would hear words that are far more beautiful and magical than those ever written in any poem or rhyme.
My darling, my lover, my life please know
How deeply I truly love and care for you, the person you are right now, at this very moment in space and time.
It was love at first sight,
Soon his arm was around me tight.
When I first looked into his eyes,
I knew he was my winning prize.
 When nights are long & friends are few,
I sit by my window & think of you,
A silent whisper, a silent tear,
oh my love,
I wish you were here
 When I look back to times gone by
There is one sure thing I know
It is you my love, who stole my heart
Five years ago.
You fill my life with such delight
you are the ones who make it right
you make me smile when I am down
you always take away my frown
 No other can stir my heart so deep,
Or thrill me through and through,
And in my dreams there will never be
No other love but you.
 I like everything about you,
I like the way u make me feel;
I like that what u say is true,
and I can only hope that this love is real
 Every time I see you smile
I feel like I could run for miles
I wish you could see
that you are the world to me
 You were there by my side,
all my fears and doubts subside
You are my strength deep inside
you are the moon and I am the tide

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I have always loved you, I always will.
loved you yesterday, love you still.
Your handsome face still makes me blush,
Your lips are just as tasty,
Your smile still makes my heart melt,
Your touch is the best I've ever felt.
If tomorrow holds my promise,
it will be to forever look into your eyes,
And be with you forever,
in a land with no good-byes.
I know someday I will find
that soul mate who is loving and kind
I know you are out there waiting for me
You are in my thoughts, you are in my dreams
If you ask me how long will I love you,
I just have one thing to say,
past present and future,
and each and every day.
love can be good love can be bad
we all want something we never had
is there a soul mate out there for me
that special person one day we will see
Sit for a minute and hold my hand.
Let's dig our feet into the sand.
Listen to the waves crash on the shore.
Let's want a little and then yearn for more
I'm with you for long time,
your words makes me feel shine,
your sweetest word with me,
like you are always with me.

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My gift to you is my love
Given from deep within my heart
It is the best I have to offer
And its yours until death do us apart
I love you more than you know,
please never leave me and go.
I want to spend every moment with you,
and you know you want it too.
Like the sweetly budding rose,
Freshened by the gentle rain
Like the Evening Star that glows,
Brightest of the starry train
Like a well arranged Bouquet,
Where the fairest flowers combine,
Odours rich and colors gay,
Is my own Sweet Valentine